Midnight Jungle - Pack of Three's

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  • The Best of Swaddles: 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddles exported over the world for reknowned swaddle brands
  • Big Swaddle: 40inch X 40inch (100cm X 100cm) of finest softest cotton muslin swaddle. This makes them large enough to swaddle a baby of any weight and height completely.
  • Versatility: Besides swaddling, it can be used as nursing covers, burp cloths, playtime cover, changing mats or stroller covers.
  • Washable: These machine washable, 100% cotton breathable muslin swaddles ensure that babies will not get overheated. The more you wash them, the softer they get.
  • All Season: This is an all season fabric with non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly finish.
  • Variety to choose from: Multiple colors and patterns.
  • Perfect Gift: Attractive packaging. Perfect as baby shower, birthday gifts.

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Syed Shayan Hassan

Very good stuff. Thank you so much. Fabric is so comfy