Our Story

Only a mother can understand the trials and tribulations of another mother. We give up everything.. our careers, our health, our comfort, our lives... for the bundles of joy in our lives, our babies. Those lovely cotton dimples show their appreciation through their cuddles, hugs, giggles and that is our achievement as mothers. And, to tell you the truth... it is indeed worth all this trouble.
I started this after my second born, a princess... who had trouble sleeping through the night... She used to get up during the night... startled mostly as she always wanted my arm to remain on top of her chest. I consulted a physician and a child psychologist who emphasized the need for the child to be held closely during the night as this holding of the child closely resembles the warmth of the womb for the child. My mother then pointed to the olden tradition of swaddling! the wonderful act where a child is wrapped in an ultra soft fabric to help her/him sleep.
No one can emphasize the importance of sleep enough for a child of this age. During the deep states of NREM sleep, blood supply to the muscles is increased, energy is restored, tissue growth and repair occur, and important hormones are released for growth and development. An average baby of up to 5 months of age should sleep for around 17 hours a day.
This project is to help other mothers realize the importance of swaddling and provide comfortable and yet attractive alternatives to baby apparel and clothing. Moreover, for swaddling techniques and sleeping therapies you can reach us at cottondimplespk@gmail.com and we would love to connect you to our baby sleep therapists.
Warm regards and best of baby-love
Cotton Dimpler Mom