Premium Sleep Sacks - Stage 2

Our Premium Sleep Sacks/Swaddle Bag - Stage 2 is the next step in the baby's holistic and healthy sleep journey that starts from the 3rd to 4th months on.

Around 12 weeks (or 3 months) reflex action, because of which baby gets startled during the night and wakes up, starts to fade out and this is the point that parents should start  transitioning to a baby sleep sack. If however, your baby is starting to show signs of rolling prior to 3 months we would advise that you make the move from swaddle wrap or swaddle blanket to baby swaddle bag sooner. 

Available in many attractive designs, this sleep sack comes with snaps on the top and a full side zipper to ensure baby is placed inside the swaddle bag safely and comfortably.